Roxas and Company

Roxas and Company, Inc. (formerly CADP Group Corp.), a publicly-listed firm (PSE trading symbol: RCI), is the holding company of the Roxas Group. Its main holdings are raw real estate located in Nasugbu, Batangas, sugar-related assets and businesses held through Roxas Holdings, Inc. (RHI), another publicly-listed company (PSE trading symbol: ROX) and real estate development through its property arm, Roxaco Land Corporation (Roxaco).

In 2008, the Roxas Group underwent a corporate reorganization, which ultimate goal is to separate the sugar and real estate businesses of the Group into two PSE-listed firms.

As a result, only RHI remained as the listed holding compant for the sugar related businesses, while CADPGC was merged with Roxas and Company, Inc. (RCI), the Group's parent company, which holds interests in real estate. This move also eliminated the extra holding company layer for the sugar related businesses which reduced the redundancies in the group and improve its more »

RCI As of
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